Landmannalaugar, Fjallabak from Guesthouse Lambastadir – Jeep Day tour

Landmannalaugar - hot pool

Landmannalaugar Fjallabak Jeep day tour is the same as Landmannalaugar jeep day tour but in addition, we will drive the road north of the glacier Mýrdalsjokull back home. Fjallabak Nature Reserve was established in 1979. The Nature reserve is 47.000 hectares and is over 500 meters above see level. The land is mountainous, sculptured by volcanoes and geothermal activity, covered by lavas, sands, rivers and lakes. The Fjallabak region takes its name from the numerous wild and rugged mountains with deeply incised valleys, which are found there. The topography of the Torfajokull, central volcano found within the Fjallabak Nature Reserve, is a direct result of the region being the largest rhyolite area in Iceland and the largest geothermal area (after Grimsvotn in Vatnajokull).

SigöldufossWe begin driving from Guesthouse Lambastadir, east to the rock ledge Gaukshofdi. There, we have a good view towards the active volcano Mt. Hekla. Hekla is one of Iceland’s most active volcanoes, over 20 eruptions have occurred in and around the volcano since 874. During the Middle Ages, Europeans called the volcano the “Gateway to Hell“. From there we drive to the waterfall Hjalp. Our next destination is the small valley Gjáin with its small waterfalls, ponds, and volcanic structures.  From there, we drive up to the highland towards Ljotipollur (Ugly pool), a crater formed in a 15th century eruption. As we will be ready at this point for bathing in a hot natural pool or wanting to go hiking, which ever you feel like doing, we now drive to Landmannalaugar.

LandmannalaugarOnce we feel energized enough to move on, we drive to Eldgja, or “The Fire Fissure”, which is 40 km long and stretches from the glacier Myrdalsjokull to the low mountain Gjatindur and beyond it further northeast. It is a unique natural phenomenon, which was created during a tremendous eruption around the year 900. In places it is 600 m wide and very deep. From there we drive to Vik in Myrdal and then the South Coast back to Guesthouse Lambastadir, where we began. This is a long day tour where you can expect to see colorful and unusual landscapes. Landmannalaugar Fjallabak Jeep day tour is a long day tour that gives you good mountain sights to the colorful mountains. The road to Landmannalaugar and Fjallabak is only open during the summer months.

Season: From 25th of June until 1st of October
Days of week: Every day up on request.
Departure: 8:00am
Duration: 9 to 11 hours
What to bring: Clothes and shoes according to weather. Swimming suits if you are going for the swim.

From Guesthouse Lambastadir
2 pax = 45.000 ISK per person
3 pax = 33.900 ISK per person
4 pax = 26.500 ISK per person
5 pax = 24.900 ISK per person
6 pax = 22.900 ISK per person
Min 2 persons in tour

Refreshments not included.

We do not offer this tour from Reykjavik due to long driving.